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Welcome to my internet site.

About myself: I am an English electronic engineer, turned software engineer. I program full-time in C++, C#,
Java, SQL and VB.

Some programs I write just to learn a new language, some of these I give away here.

For instance I have written BrainChk in VB, VC both 16 and 32 bit, and now C# which is the version here now.


BrainChk - Mental maths game

The program I write when I learn a new language, maybe I'll do a java version.

CRCShellExt - Explorer shell add-on

Adds a property page to explorer that shows the CRC of a file.


A little puzzle program I wrote (this is the C# version, I also implemented the same game in VB and both
16 and 32 bit C++).

In the UK it is like the number puzzle part of Countdown but I played an American game called Krypto when I was a kid.

In short it is a math(s) puzzle, you use the top cards to arrive at the bottom card.

Free to download and play (ie freeware)

    MS Windows version Download
    Linux (Mono) compatible Download 

The program uses brute force to work out the answer in the background, and can display the answer for you
if you are stuck.

CRC Property Page Shell Extension

Now obsolete due to Windows 7, try "HashCheck" by Kai Liu his shell extension has 32bit and 64 bit
versions a progress bar and it does SHA1 and MD5 sums too


Copyright (c) Chris Amos 2011.